Buff Turkeys and Posting

Buff Turkeys

As many will know we are passionate about the Buff turkey and getting them back to where their future is more secure.  Sadly recent years had seen a significant decline in Buff numbers, and the available stock just wasn’t breeding true. 

However, success with our Buffs last year enabled us to release two good stags a few months ago to two turkey keepers.  In both cases, the Buff stags were mated to the turkey keepers own hens.   We are delighted that both stags have now seen a good number of chicks hatch from their mating, and it is just a matter of patience waiting to see how they progress.  Fingers crossed……….

We also sent Buff eggs up to Scotland to a passionate turkey man who has been patiently waiting to work with them for quite some time.  He phoned this morning and from the 16 Buff eggs we sent 13 have hatched which is an excellent result.  Importantly the eggs we sent were from two separate Buff lines to maximise the opportunity for good birds to be produced elsewhere.  It also means that if anything untoward were to happen here that there are now Buffs with a known provenance elsewhere.

There is still a way to go with the Buffs, but with judicious pruning and networking between breeders, they have a chance and are a step closer to where they need to be….

Posting Eggs 

The excellent hatch rate vindicates our decision to post the eggs, and although not our preferred option it certainly can work.  Amusingly, a Norfolk Black egg that ‘hitched a lift’ in the parcel to Scotland has also hatched, and we are delighted to hear it has the desired black legs.

PS. Just had an email in from a lady who purchased 6 Norfolk Black eggs through the post.  We actually sent an extra 3 free which is what we tend to do if we have any spare when parcelling up.  Anyway, from the 9 Norfolk Black eggs we sent 8 hatched which is another excellent result.  I must ask her if they have the desired black legs.

All things considered not a bad day, not a bad day at all…….

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