Bournemouth Explorers

When I was a lad we had ‘bob a job’ week, that’s a shilling or 5p to you, youngsters.  Anyway, it was a way for local cub and scout groups to raise money.   I suppose technically this event has disappeared.  But we have just experienced the modern equivalent, and it was brilliant.

Our eldest runs a very successful Explorer group in Bournemouth and this Friday night a minibus turned up with 4 leaders and 11 explorers.  They had with them everything they needed to camp in our field and were essentially self-sufficient for their stay.

We had agreed on a list of jobs with our lad beforehand and on Saturday morning they started tackling the list, and at 14.00 on Sunday they all disappeared.  In the meantime, they had dug the holes, and cemented and erected two new gates.   They also painted all the turkey houses and undertook a myriad of other tasks.  Other than all the work they had undertaken you wouldn’t know that they had been here.

Bright, cheerful, well-mannered and fun, they were a delight to have around.  Now we aren’t allowed to pay them of course, but we can make a donation toward their next trip.  Mind you I can’t see them going far on 15 bob…

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