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Origin: North America

Classification: Light

Head: Red, changeable to bluish-white

Beak: Slate blue

Eyes: Dark to black

Throat & Wattle: Red, changeable to bluish-white


Stag Adult Stag Young Hen Adult Hen Young
10kgs – 12.7kgs (22lbs – 28lbs) 7.25kgs – 10.4kgs (16lbs – 23lbs) 5.4kgs – 8.1kgs (12lbs – 18lbs) 3.6kgs – 6.3kgs (8lbs – 14 lbs)

Legs and Feet: Slate blue

Wings: ?


Tail: ?

Breast: ?

Body and Fluff: ?

Under colour or all Sections: ?

Colour Female: ?

Day-old Poult: Day-old Blue poults are yellowish-white with an extremely pale tinge of blue.

Defects: Presence of black or brown feathers.

Breed Standards – Bourbon Red

Download the Bred Standard Bourbon Reds

All breed standards are taken from TCUK website

Breed History