Sherborne Country Fair

As you know both TCUK and RBST, with PCGB support, have combined forces to undertake a number projects this year.  The intention is to raise awareness about traditional heritage varieties of turkey, with any funds raised going toward key projects to help secure them for future generations. 

As part of that project, we were invited to join the RBST tent at Sherborne Country Fair and display some of our turkeys.  Quite a leap into the unknown and a bit of an adventure for all.   Well we are delighted to report that the turkeys went down very well and initiated a tremendous amount of interest. In fact the turkey area was full for most of the day.  Although answering questions all day was fun it was also undeniably tiring. But the enthusiasm and interest for the turkeys made it all so worthwhile. 

We were amazed by our turkeys who managed the unfamiliar surroundings very well.  Ok, they experience a variety of situations here with all the different events that go on, but they were not bothered one jot by the jostling crowds or other livestock.   Much to the delight of the audience, one hen was relaxed enough to lay an egg, and then casually wander off for a drink and feed.

We took a Blue pair, a Crollwitzer stag, and 5 hens which were a Bourbon Red, Bronze, Buff, Narragansett and Norfolk Black.  As you might expect, most visitors to the stand were unaware that traditional heritage varieties came in such assorted colours.

Tom Beeston the Chief Executive of RBST visited the turkey stand a number of times during the day and was delighted to see the amount of interest being shown.  This year in particular he would like to see turkeys being displayed at all events where there is an RBST presence.       

If you keep traditional varieties of turkey and are able attend an event with them please contact the RBST Regional Field Officers:

Richard Broad – South West England, Wales & Northern Ireland
Tel: 07772 007399  Email:

Ruth Dalton – Northern England & Scotland
Tel: 07880 584551  Email: 

Tom Blunt – Midlands, East & South East England
Tel: 07794 714197  Email: 

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