Newquay Zoo – Crollwitzers

Quite a while ago Newquay Zoo approached us to supply traditional turkeys for their Village Farm.  This request fitted perfectly the joint project between Heritage Turkeys, RBST, TCUK and PCGB for placing traditional breeding groups in key locations.

So after an early start on Saturday we delivered a trio of Crollwitzers at Newquay Zoo, and were delighted to see them settling into their new home as we left.  What a great location this is for them with professional keepers and a stream of public passing by to entertain them and for the stag to show off to. 

Importantly this Crollwitzer trio is in a key location as part of breeding network that enables them to be managed appropriately.

The more of these secure locations we can set up the more optimistic we can be regards saving their gene pool as an important resource for future generations.

A great day out, and do send us a photo if you go to see the Newquay Zoo turkeys..

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