Going Broody

As you know to encourage or turkeys to lay more eggs we collect them twice daily, and these we either incubate ourselves, sell on as fertile eggs to other enthusiasts, or they go for the table.

Then at the end of the season, we positively encourage our girls to sit a clutch for themselves and undertake the rearing process as nature intended.  It is how we assess their ‘parenting skills’ and ensure that they still have the necessary instinct to go it alone.

Well this year their instincts have taken over and almost all the girls have decided to go broody now.  Not sure what tipped the balance but suspect the weather was the main contributing factor.  And there is no mistaking that they are definitely broody and wanting to sit tight.

This creates a bit of a dilemma because, if we stop them sitting now they may not want to sit again later in the season.  But if we let them continue sitting then the outstanding orders for ‘hatching egg’ won’t be fulfilled.

I think ‘girl power’ will win and egg production will stop early this year.  But on the positive side, at least we have assured their natural instincts are intact and strong.

Now to explain the situation to those on the list and waiting for hatching eggs.

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