Keeping Cool

At this time of year, we regularly receive calls about the best way to manage turkeys in the hot weather.

Hot sunny days can certainly be a problem for poultry, and remember hot sultry nights in the hen house can be equally as difficult.

Shade is essential, and during the day your poultry must have somewhere they can get out of the direct sun.

Dust baths will certainly help keep your poultry cool, and do add diatomaceous earth as this will deter red mite that thrives in hot weather.

Clean, fresh water is an essential provision at any time, but more so in hot weather when they drink more.

Frozen ‘ice packs’ in drinkers will help keep their water cool.

Cool fruit such as watermelon is beneficial, and some turkey keepers use frozen sweetcorn or peas.

Adequate air flow within the coop itself is essential on hot nights, but be careful not to compromise security when improving ventilation.

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