Buff – Joint Turkey Project

Last year Dennis Harding took a group of Buff turkeys and we are delighted to say he had a successful year with them.  Our visit today was to help him sort his 2018 breeding groups. 

As many will know the Buffs have suffered from inappropriate breeding over the years, and they often present with white in the tail, black in various places and poor wings.  Another issue is the basic buff colour which is often presented as just too dark or too light.

Well, from the original birds and last years poults Dennis and Brenda have sorted his 4 breeding quartets for the 2018 season.  That’s a lot of birds being produced for sure, but don’t panic as the market won’t be flooded with birds that don’t meet the standard.  That has been a serious problem in the past and only served to dilute and diminish the Buff variety.

Dennis will be selecting the Buffs that best meet the standard for his future breeding, and his surplus birds will be heading for the table.  Just like the old boys used to do..

Be assured there are other Buff breeding groups as part of the project who are also having success, and by managing the groups and networking it would seem the future is much brighter for the Buff than is has been for a long time.

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