Turkeys off to the Circus

Turkeys off to the circus. Yes thats right, and strange though it sounds two of our turkeys have gone off to the circus, and a travelling one at that. 

It all started when we were asked by Giffords Circus if we had two turkeys that would be suitable for the circus.  Well having initially been amused by the concept we thought we had better check it out.  Yes, it was a genuine request, Giffords Circus really did want two turkeys for the summer season.  So we enquired as to what exactly was expected regards performance, and how was their welfare to be managed.  

Essentially Giffords Circus just want the stags to ‘show off’ which is what they do here endlessly anyway, and their welfare requirements whilst on the road is exemplary.  As it happened we had a couple of friendly stags that although not to breed standard are inquisitive, friendly, confident and natural show offs. Generally these two stags just wander around our fields displaying to each other, and to anyone else with time to watch them. 

So it didn’t need much thinking about, these two stags have gone to the circus for the summer season.

Let us know if you see them, and do please send a photo…..

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