Turkey Training Event

RBST, TCUK and PCGB Training Day

As you are aware RBST, TCUK and PCGB joined together earlier this year to improve awareness and status of traditional varieties of turkey within the UK.

As part of the project we at Heritage Turkeys were delighted to be asked to run a ‘training day’ for prospective ‘turkey keepers’ who had shown an interest.

The day was a resounding success with 14 delegates and four trainers enjoying an informative day in the sunshine ‘talking turkey’.

The delegates came from a wide spectrum of backgrounds including a zoo, farm parks, schools and enthusiastic individuals.  Some had travelled a considerable distance to attend including one delegate who had flown in from Scotland just for the event.

Topics discussed covered everything from ‘hatch to despatch’ and with engaging questions throughout the time simply flew by.

Renowned poultry vet David Parson generously found time to give an illuminating talk on turkey welfare and diseases. He thought it a good idea to undertake a ‘test’ whilst on site to illustrate his talk.  So with some trepidation, we supplied 12 turkey faecal samples from different pens for him to ‘test’ in front of everyone. You cannot imagine how relieved we were when he gave us the ‘all clear’.

Feedback on the training event has been excellent, and importantly a good proportion of delegates went away having shown a firm interest in acquiring turkeys through the project. 

Given the interest shown the training event will be held again, although details are yet to be confirmed.

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