Grass Snakes

Now I grew up in the country and over the years have handled many snakes.  Ok, I was never a big fan, but I was always comfortable around them.  Until tonight that was.  Brenda called me up to one of our raised vegetable beds where she had placed a tarpaulin to keep in the heat and progress the compost.

Watch this she said as she threw back the tarpaulin to reveal a number of grass snakes.  There was one about 3 feet long, 2 well over 2 feet, and at least four others of various lengths.  Oh, and just for good measure a few slow worms.

The reason I am confident that they are as long as I claim is that there was a shed skin on top of the mound, and that was two feet long.  OK, coward that I am I measure it after our guests had gone.  But tell me when did grass snakes start getting that big, and when did they start congregating in such numbers in the summer.  I am giving the tarpaulin a wide berth in future, but I have a great idea for our next family party.

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