Kingsbridge Cancelled

With Avian Flu now confirmed in Louth in Lincolnshire I doubt anyone will be surprised to hear that DEFRA has as a precaution banned all gatherings. 

Do look on the DEFRA website to ensure you are familiar with current guidance and to check you are undertaking the requirements.

1.     The ban on gatherings of chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese applies in England, Scotland and Wales. More information on what gatherings are affected

2.     Restrictions remain in place requiring all poultry and captive birds across Great Britain to be housed to prevent the spread of avian flu.

3.     An outbreak of avian flu was confirmed on a farm in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire on December 16.

4.     For further advice on avian influenza contact the Defra Helpline on 03459 33 55 77. For media, queries contact Defra press office on 020 8225 7618 or out of hours on 0345 051 8486

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