Eggs Everywhere

We have just returned home from a week working away to find an abundance of turkey eggs in the kitchen all neatly labelled and dated.  The first task was to record who laid what and when and then to organise setting the eggs into trays for incubation. 

As this is the start of the season most of these eggs go into the incubators and this is because we need to hatch sufficient poults to sustain our own breeding program, and of course to fulfil our ever-growing orders list.     

But doubtless, we will have a small surplus of turkey eggs this weekend, and we are always being asked what we do with these.  Well, the answer is simple, those turkey eggs we don’t eat ourselves are sold at the farm gate.

I don’t know if many of you saw Countryfile on Easter Sunday which featured an item on Sarah Hawkswood who sells turkey eggs along with other varieties of eggs that she rears with her husband David.   The Countryfile item was a fascinating insight into her egg business and proves there is a market for turkey eggs.   As we have found ourselves the demand for turkey eggs, be that for incubation or eating, always outstrips supply. 

When asked to describe turkey eggs Sarah called them the ‘champagne of eggs’ which sums them up perfectly.

If you missed it the first time around the Easter Sunday Countryfile with Sarah talking about turkey eggs is still available as a downloaded.

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