Countryfile Diaries

Wednesday 18th May at 09:15am on BBC One.

Thursday 19th May at 06.30 am on BBC Two

As you may know, we recently had a BBC crew here filming for the new ‘Countryfile Diaries’ daytime series.  Given ‘Spring’ was their theme they came here to film fluffy poults and capture on film a turkey egg hatching.  We are delighted to say the turkeys delivered on both counts and the Countryfile Team went away happy.

Whilst on site we were asked about our passion for turkeys and how we saw the future for traditional heritage varieties.  So we were delighted to be able to mention a ‘turkey project’ we have been engaged in between the ‘Rare Breed Survival Trust’ and ‘Turkey Club UK’.  The project is to specifically look at how the future of traditional heritage varieties of turkey may be secured for the future.  This joint ‘turkey project’ will be launched a little later in the year at the Three Counties Show, and people will find out how they can play a part in helping to secure the future of an important gene pool and element of our rural history. 

One is never sure what the director may choose to include from a days filming.  However, following the turkey’s few minutes on television, we are optimistic that awareness will be raised and more people will understand their plight.

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