Buff Turkey Update

‘Line 1 Buffs’ are breeding well and we currently have about 20 young poults from them.  They are still laying so we will put more in the incubator and see how they progress.

Interestingly one hen has laid a clutch outside and is sitting tight.  She has persistently laid outside and we have now ‘fox proofed’ her as best we can and will see how she progresses.  Always an independent character she certainly seems happier being left to her own devices.

‘Line 2 Buffs’ have been very slow to start and their early eggs have not been successful.  However, we now have 5 young from this group and hope to have a few more soon.

Still, a very long way to go with the Buffs, but a least we have something to work with.  We are far more optimistic about their future than we were this time last year.

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