An Optimistic Week

Countryfile Diaries

Well the Countryfile Diaries program we were involved with was aired this week and the response has been excellent.  The hatching egg sequence was particularly well received with lots of interesting comments.  But let’s face it who can resist the wonder of one of the miracles of nature and fluffy chicks.  Anyway, the most important thing is that after the program went out people phoned up and enquired about the turkeys and their history, and some even asked about the possibility of keeping traditional heritage varieties of turkeys themselves.

The filming was fun to do and it is great that the segment has been well received. But more importantly, the turkeys have had a few minutes of fame and raised their profile.  A great result… 


We attended a meeting this week to discuss working on a joint project between RBST, TCUK and PCGB.  RBST are taking turkeys under their wing this year and are fundraising on their behalf.  A variety of projects were proposed and, subject to the amount raised, it will be used to inform people to the plight of heritage varieties of turkey, and to support and secure a more optimistic future. 

As the project progresses we will put up more information on our website, as of course will RBST.  One element that can be confirmed is that RBST has chosen to launch the project at the Three Counties Show 17-19 June.

Certainly a positive time for traditional heritage turkeys at the moment……

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