A Great Day

Well what a great day it turned out to be. 

First, a call from a satisfied customer to say that the Bourbon Red pair he recently had from here have settled in well and the hen has started laying.  It makes all the effort so worthwhile, and I am looking forward to hearing more about how they progress.

Then there was the mowing, and I was able to ‘first cut’ our large field.  I thoroughly enjoyed cutting the paths around the field and pens, it always looks so much neater when it is done.  This year we have had to cut paths to the seven new breeding units which was a joy given the time it has taken to get them ready. 

Whilst I mowed Brenda has been busy in the new pens planting them out with fruit trees and screening.  The intention is to create as ‘natural’ an environment as we can so both adults and poults can enjoy and benefit from the opportunity to forage.  They pick up so many essential minerals and vitamins which are great for the breeding adults and a great start for the poults. 

Oh, and Brenda discovered a surprise clutch of 27 eggs that had been laid in the week we were away working but being ‘out of the way’ they missed collection.  We had noticed low numbers for that group and initially suspected disturbance, predation or egg eating.  So we are totally relieved it was just a case of some of the hens ‘moving home’.  We have found over the years that no matter what is provided regards ‘nesting areas’ the turkeys have strong preferences and ideas of their own when it comes to laying.

So, all things considered not a bad day at all.

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