Solar Powered Turkeys

We recently embarked on a project to look at how we can be better at using electricity around the farm and what we can do that will at the time of writing reduce our costs on our energy bills. This was twofold our living costs and what we use to maintain the farm’s infrastructure. When we moved to the farm, we wanted to be more sustainable and self-sufficient, but even 10 years ago, the thought of someone installing solar panels made you into an eco-warrior fighting the world and against the grain. In addition to this technology then compared to now just doesn’t compare in what can be generated.

The main house is a new build in comparison to other buildings around us but as far as a 1992 building goes it lacks some of the more obvious energy-saving features. Well as of September 2022 we hope with the help from EON and Western Power this will all change when we install 17 brand new panels on our south-facing roof along with 2 battery packs. We know this work will 100% offset the costs of running costs of our equipment (Incubators, Heat pads, Electric Fences) but will also cover the running of the farm.

The work once completed will be updated in the diary but also will give you more information on the costs and running costs once we have it installed.